Assorted Links

U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Witheld Data on Driving and Cell Phone Use -- The supposed rationale seems much more bizarre now than it may have done under the Bush administration. [NYT]

Microsoft Embraces Open Source ?!? -- Less than meets the eye. But still. [The Register]

Lars Ulrich: "Being right about Napster doesn't mean that much to me. I don't find any particular glory in being proved right about it" -- Sure. That explains why you spent so much time, money and effort on killing it. [The Register]

Economic Value of the Space Program: "From 1962 to 1972, when the last Apollo mission landed on the moon, space-related activities got 59% of [U.S.] nondefense government R&D spending." [OBM, via Marginal Revolution]

The use/mention distinction at work: Judge Finds for Google In British Libel Case [NYT]

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